Barbara Katz

Barbara Katz discovered Pilates in 1995 while searching for relief from the pain and fatigue of  several back issues, including scoliosis, stenosis, and a herniated lumbar disc. In the eleven years that followed that first lesson, Pilates gave Barbara her life back. She resumed the physical activities she had always enjoyed, with renewed energy and vigor. In 2006, Barbara left the corporate world of children’s educational publishing to become a certified Pilates instructor. She is fully trained to teach clients on the mat and all of the equipment.

Barbara draws on her own background to understand what clients with similar issues may experience. And she offers this advice, “While we can’t always heal certain conditions, with Pilates we can manage them quite successfully and have a better quality of life.” Barbara has helped clients work through a variety of physical issues, including pre- and post-operative rotator cuff, surgically repaired ACL and meniscus, scoliosis, cervical herniated disc, sacro-iliac pain and instability, and the all-encompassing lower back pain issues that so many people have and for which there is no medical solution.

In her free time, Barbara enjoys riding her bike in the forest preserve, researching the best chocolate treats, and being with her family.


Barbara teaches Private Pilates Sessions, Semi-Private Session, and Group Equipment Classes.