“As a senior with a degenerative disk and bad lower back, Alicia has worked wonders for me over the last 5 months. I drive in from a distant suburb every Sunday and when I leave, I feel great. Alicia is very careful, has great attention to detail and knows just how far to push me each session. She also gave me certain daily exercises that have served to strengthen my core. I can literally say that she changed my life and her positive and engaging manner makes the hour fly by. When my back does flare up, she has safe work-arounds that are effective. Can’t say enough great things about her!” -Phil (happy client)


“Being a marathon runner and dealing with injuries is common, but having constant pain becomes a real issue. I knew I had to do something different. Pilates was the answer for me. All of the instructors at PCC have helped me to get back my “A” game and come back even stronger than I was before. Building my core, and being in correct alignment through pilates, took me farther in my running than I ever thought possible! Focusing on pilates for a year before going back into marathon training has cut 30 minutes off my time, be pain free, lose 20lbs, lose inches off my waist, and surpass goals I set 7 years ago for marathons. From athletes with injuries to someone who is new to pilates, I highly recommend PCC, as they know how to tailor the sessions towards the individual to help you reach your full potential.” – Emily (client)


“I have been training with Alicia and Doug and the Pilates Center of Chicago Team since they opened and they have truly become a part of my life. Physically and mentally they challenge me to be stronger and be my best self. My only competition is me. They know my strengths and weaknesses and work with me to simply improve each session. Their knowledge is amazing; Their staff is the BEST; Their space is clean, warm, and filled with good energy.  And they constantly try new things to challenge their clientele. I cannot imagine finding better Pilates instructors anywhere in the city or state. And did I mention how much fun and lovely they all are? Pilates Center of Chicago is my fitness Family.” – Erica (client)


“I approached PCC looking for a studio to challenge my Pilates practice and advance my skills.  PCC helped me take my practice to the next level and over 3 years later, I continue to improve and find the classes both stimulating and fun.  One thing I love are the small class sizes; everyone gets one-on-one attention and direction from the instructors.  After a series of private sessions with Mary I was in the best shape of my life for my wedding, and now she and Alicia are teaching me to modify exercises for the classes so I can continue to reap the amazing benefits of Pilates as I progress through my pregnancy.  I’ve practiced Pilates for over 7 years and this is the best experience I’ve found in the Chicago area.  I would recommend PCC to people of all skill levels and with any number of goals for their practice in mind.”  – Sara (client)


“I have been doing Pilates for two years.  Until I started doing Pilates at the suggestion of my sister, I had been a complete couch potato for years.  I hated exercising and my weak and flabby body was proof. From my first lesson, something about Pilates clicked for me.  I love it!  I attend classes twice a week and I really look forward to them.  The thing I love most about Pilates is that every lesson is different.  There are so many new exercises to learn that I never get bored.  Doug and Alicia have the ability to motivate and challenge.  They tailor lessons to somehow fit exactly what you’re looking for that day.” – Betsy (client)