Classes We Offer

Pilates Mat


This is the foundation of the Pilates system consisting of floor (mat) work and small props; magic circle, weights, foam roller, therabands, balls, etc. Pilates mat work is a great way to challenge your body with gravity and controlled movements.  Great for someone new to pIlates!



This class is a dynamic workout challenge through the combination of the pilates reformer sequence and the cadillac/wall unit exercises. This workout gives you a total body workout from the support of the springs, to resistance, to challenge in different planes of gravity.  You will feel invigorated, stretched, and ready for anything after taking this class!

(You must have permission by instructor and previous pilates apparatus experience to enroll.)



This group class incorporates the use of the Wall Unit (Tower) along with pilates mat work. This workout gives you the great balance of stretch, for your entire body, through incredible strength of your core utilizing the different springs from lying to standing positions.  Be prepared for a challenging workout! You may enhance your practice for the tower class through privates, semiprivate sessions, and mat classes.

Beginner Equipment


Looking to take your mat practice to the next level?  This class is great for anyone new to the apparatus of Pilates.

We will take you thru the basic fundamentals of Pilates and grow your knowledge of each piece of equipment. 



This class designed for any level of practitioner.  A gentler, slower paced approach to yoga allowing an emphasis on alignment and proper form.  Come and reboot for the week ahead.

Pilates Mat classes/packages cannot be used towards Group Equipment Packages. Pilates session are 55 minutes. All packages and single service purchases expire 6 months from date of purchase and are nonrefundable. We require 24 hour cancellation notice for all scheduled service and appointments.